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Five for Friday: 8th February 2013

2013-01-04 11.51.05

Seeing as Mildred has been preventing me posting this any earlier by doing pretty much exactly what she is doing in that picture – i.e. sitting in my lap and DEMANDING attention – I figured I might as well start off with a cute cat picture.  This is the internet after all.

Anyhow, welcome to the Friday Fives, where I fire in links to five things which have caught my eye this week, and you either slag me off for being shallow, infantile and easily impressed or chip in with your own interesting stuff in the comments section.

1. BAD FUN at Henry’s tomorrow: 7pm, £5.

It’s a really exceptional lineup at Henry’s tomorrow.  The Black Tambourines were so good when they played here just before Christmas 2011 that we tried to sign them.  Their music is basically a very surfy, lo-fi guitar pop but it’s played with such reckless abandon that you can’t help but get carried away with it.  Their Toad Session is great too – that’s the main video above, and the whole thing can be found here.

North American War are another one of my favourite ‘Scottish bands no-one seems to have heard of’. It’s a shame really, because they are more accomplished and fiercer live than most bands we’ve seen at the Toad gigs.  These two will be joined by the excellent Honeyblood, who I’ve been trying to put on for ages, and who have exciting plans in the pipeline apparently, I’ve just not yet managed to weasel out of them what they are!

The gig is at 7pm, and you’ll pay a fiver on the door, which includes free entry to the club night afterwards, because Henry’s are that nice!

2. Scary Airports

Kai Tak airport, Kowloon: A plane approaching the airport

I am a bad flyer at the best of times, and this Guardian gallery of the world’s scariest airports is quite literally the stuff of my nightmares.  There are at least two or three of those airports I have had horrendous dreams about, without knowing that they genuinely existed somewhere in the world, including the one above, where there basically is no fucking airport!

3. Song of the Day: Shock Shock by Sparrow and the Workshop

Well it kinda had to be this one, didn’t it! As you’ve probably gathered by now, we are releasing a couple of singles by our good friends Sparrow and the Workshop in the run up to their third album, which will be out later this year.  I’ve wanted to work with these guys from the day they recorded one of the first ever Toad Sessions back in 2008, and after constant, undignified pleading and hanging around outside their flat all hours of the day and night, it seems they have come to their senses at last!

4. Awesome Coloured Vinyl


Purists hate coloured vinyl because apparently it doesn’t sound as good.  Personally, I don’t have a particularly cultured ear, and so I fucking love it.  It looks amazing! Come on, you joyless fuds and gaze upon the multicoloured swirls and sparkles!  The gallery linked above is from Official FM Vinyl, who make short runs of 50-100 records, which is something we might well look into doing next year if we can, so the fanatics can have vinyl while the rest of the world wants CDs.  And, as a bonus link, here is a bit of a rant against the vinyl revival, just as a couterbalance.

5. Hartley and Poole score for Hartlepool

Seriously, this is the ‘lighthearted chuckle at the end of the news’ section, but honestly it did happen.  Last week Peter Hartley and James Poole scored for Hartlepool as they beat Notts County 2-1.

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    I find that I get worse with the whole flying thing as I get older, I’ve never been particularly keen but I’m definitely getting more reluctant/hesitant/anxious about it as time goes on.

    Anyway, here’s footballer Leon Knight commentating his own highlights reel:

    And a chocolate lamp:

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    I had a period of getting a lot worse, but I’ve improved recently. I force myself to understand how safe it is by visualising all the perfectly happy planes in the sky around the world at that moment, and also how many planes have safely taken off and landed at that airport in the last few hours – it seems to help me properly understand how irrational my fears are, compared to, say, crossing the road.

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    That Leon Knight thing is absolutely brilliant, Tim you genius!

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    Oh balls, I forgot this rather brilliant site: Halloween or Williamsburg!

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    Okay, here’s five cool things…

    1. Good to see young Jamie back in the saddle. The guys in the band seem really excited about the direction the new album is taking, so I can’t wait.

    2. Have you been watching Utopia? The most eye-opening, breathtaking British telly in years. At once artistically expressive, shocking, thought-provoking, terrifying and hilarious. Utterly brilliant.

    3. If Sweet Baboo’s new track wasn’t fantastic enough already, it also now has a great new video.

    4. Did you see Italy beat France in the Six Nations last weekend? Great game of rugby, fantastic result. Throws the tournament wide open on the first weekend. This fixture has become one of the most intriguing games on the six nations calendar.

    5. And don’t forget Live From The Latin Quarter is back tomorrow! Tune in at noon!

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    I have Matt Livingstone to thank for that one, Leon Knight played for his team Coleraine. I must have watched it so many times now, for some reason it came up in discussion in the pub last night.

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    Leon Knight, seriously? He’s come down in the world a bit, hasn’t he?

    Dylan – yep, the BR and SB videos are grand aren’t they. I’ve not seen any Utopia though, but it looks ace. That’s another day wasted this weekend. No-one call me on Sunday, please!

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    Yeah Utopia is fantastic.

    Looks beautiful, really nicely photographed. They use the comic-book framing trope really well, and where lots of modern TV is bleached out and neutral in terms of colours, this uses hyper-saturation to really give it that disturbing surreal feel.

    Intriguing plot which seems to be something about big pharma in bed with global government for population control or something.

    I kinda like how we’re four episodes in and still vaguely saying “or something” about the plot..

    You can get up to date on the Channel 4 iPlayer thingy.

  9. avatar

    That’s what worries me – the iPlayer. If you find a good series you can lose days and days to that thing.

    This one is fine – I can handle four episodes – but sometimes you discover something good when it’s already onto series four or something like that.

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    Yep – should be a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon in bed.

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    I came upon this photographer’s work and thought it worthy to share. Evidently, each photo takes 3 days to prep. Some are really cool.

    Love that photo of Mildred. I just listened to the Ivorycast yesterday, and laughed at your “internet cat digression”.

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    Wondering how some of these airports can exist, and why we don’t see flying sunbathers on the 8th picture. Sad.

    Would come to the Bad Fun if i weren’t living so far, North American War might be great in live.

    Song of the week:

    Coloured vinyls are fun, but i like monochrome ones.

    Another funny/ridiculous thing:×0/1829318_6_1991_la-couverture-de-paris-match-sur-le-tableau_9ace42807259dec242daa75e4c2ee326.jpg
    Try again Paris Match, that don’t seem to be the right head at all

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    Williamsburg really isn’t that bad…

    Mildred is absolutely beautiful!

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    Tricia, those are amazing. What a weird way to take pictures!

    Fine tune, Pierre, allow me to embed on your behalf:

    And Ducky, yes I think she is, but Marvin is actually the classically handsome Maine Coon, Mildred is actually a bit funny lookin’ with her wee eyepatch and one brown leg.

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    i are scientist

    If you do catch up with Utopia (which I thoroughly recommend) I promise you’ll never look at a simple teaspoon in the same way ever again.

    I’ve also been really enjoying the look of it too, quite photographic I think at times Dylan?

    Oh yes and Shock Shock was on R6 the other day on Marc Riley. He seemed to be all over them like a rash – any chance of a session with him do you think?

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    Headline of the year:

    Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker Gives Insane Interview After Saving Woman from Bear-Hugging Jesus

    Thanks to DC from The Waiting Room for the tip-off. World class mentalism in every aspect of this story!

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    Scientist – yep already arranged, which is good because generally he isn’t into all that much that we put out, really.

  18. avatar

    Hartlepool , I liked that joke.

  19. avatar

    “Smash! Smash! Sserrrmmm-ash!!”

    Yeah, Scientist, totally. I love how they got lots of really interesting landscape shots and hold the frame steady while the action happens, sometimes zoomed out an almost uncomfortable distance from the characters to capture the mood of the scenery.

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    That hobo is my new hero. He’s right out of fucking Wayne’s World.

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    Wait… Mildred is a DAVID BOWIE CAT*?!?!?

    *eyes are two different colors.

  22. avatar

    No no, both yellow, just that she has that weird patch, so one eye and one ear are very pink and the others are a bit more normal.

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