Free Download: Song, by Toad Records 2013 Sampler


Yes, it’s that time of year again, the time when we shower you with bounteous goodness from the vaults of Toad, in the form of our annual label sampler. It is free to download from Bandcamp, with the slight proviso that you sign up to our mailing list, from which you can unsubscribe instantly at any time you choose, if I happen to bore you to tears with my constant entreaties to buy our records. Which I won’t, of course, our newsletters are fucking awesome.

On this edition of the sampler we are taking the opportunity to introduce a couple of new bands to the roster: Adam Stafford and Sparrow and the Workshop, as well as a couple of tunes by old favourites like Meursault, Rob St. John, Yusuf Azak and Lil Daggers.

Adam is known by many guises, as frontman of the late Y’All is Fantasy Island, as a filmmaker, and as the head of the Wiseblood Industries label.  In short, he’s just an interesting guy, and we’ll be releasing his album Imaginary Walls Collapse in conjunction with Vancouver’s Kingfisher Bluez label in June.

Sparrow and the Workshop will be doing two singles with us while they decide what to do with their third album, Murderopolis.  The folky aspect of their early work has all but vanished in favour of a more ferocious, Breeders-style snarl – it’s fucking great, honestly!

There are also four songs on here from our new Split 12″ and our Beer vs. Records project for Record Store Day 2013. We’ll be releasing eight songs on 12″ vinyl, like our last split, and going head to head on RSD 2013 with eight songs released on a four-pack of Barney’s Beer, seeing who can sell 250 units first.

Do people want a lasting symbol of their love of music, or is digital just fine and would they prefer some supremely tasty beers from one of the country’s finest micro-breweries instead? We’ll find out on Record Store Day 2013.

Oh, and I’ve also put some Toad t-shirts and tote bags up for sale on the label site. There aren’t too many available, particularly of the t-shirts, so move sharpish if you want one.

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