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Frightened Rabbit – Today’s Cross

The above video is for b-side Today’s Cross by Frightened Rabbit. I mention this for two reasons:

Firstly, I really like the song.  This is good news, as I wasn’t that keen on their last album, and they are really nice guys so I genuinely want to like their stuff.  Now I am looking forward to hearing their new record Pedestrian Verse, which is good.

Secondly, the video above was made by young Ian who works for Song, by Toad Records, along with some of his chums.  It’s a clever wee video in its own right, but its sheer slick professionalism rather raises the question of why everything at Song, by Toad Records is so fucking shambolic.  I assume this is a subtle hint that we could and should be doing better!

So well done old chap, a fine piece of work. If only everything around here were so well-executed!

2 witty ripostes to Frightened Rabbit – Today’s Cross

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    rampant chutney consumerism

    Really good song (amazed that it’s not on the album) couple with a awesome video…..hugs all round

    Hey Matthew, the album is a vast improvement on the last one (which had some pretty good songs on it but was ruined for me by the awful production/mix) so i’m looking forward to hearing your views on it

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    Excellent, because I loved large parts of their first couple of albums, and it would be nice to enjoy this one as well.

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