Laces – Beachcombers EP

laces I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, not quite knowing what to write about it. I like it. It’s not one hundred percent in tune with my taste, but for a new band releasing a free EP on Bandcamp (unless of course you want to pay more, which would be nice of you) I think there are some good things happening here.

The more upbeat pop tunes on here, like Screens, the highlighted song on the Bandcamp player, are perhaps less my cup of tea.  But the odder ones like Lift and Hard Boiled Wonderland are really good.

Unlike the disinterested mumbling of a lot of the vocals I’ve been listening to recently, here there is a clean, tremulous quality to the singing which can be as boldly pop as it can quaveringly uncertain.

They’re a band who, with the exception of the staccato drumming on Keep Your Eyes Down, make very atmospheric music which seems to be forever suggesting that you’re listening to ambient electronica, but you aren’t. It’s not fuggy, either, like a lot of atmospheric music. There’s no narcotic quality to this, more a sense of anxiety and a constant battle not to let it become overwhelming.

As I said, the pop end of Laces’ spectrum maybe ain’t for me so much, but the tenser and more uncomfortable they get the more I like it.