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Live in Edinburgh This Week – 4th February 2013

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Well of course all anyone in Scotland could possibly be talking about this week would be this Saturday’s BAD FUN at Henry’s Cellar Bar (with an actual cocktail menu these days, would you fucking believe it) where we will host the fabulous Black Tambourines, the amazing North American War and the awesome Honeyblood.

We recorded a Toad Session with the Black Tambourines last time they were here, and it is bloody excellent.  If you fancy some videos, an interview and some free tunes, go here. And hopefully see you on Saturday.

Other than our own amazing lineup (cough cough) there will be another fine gig on Saturday night, with Edinburgh School for the Deaf and Battery Face joining last month’s BAD FUN headliners Plastic Animals at the Voodoo Rooms for a Strange Fish Records-themed Limbo.

And finally, in something which is not a gig but nevertheless entirely music-related, Sofi’s Bar down in Leith will be screening the LCD Soundsystem film Shut Up and Play the Hits on Thursday night.  Entry is £3, which will go towards Mtondia Orphan school in Kenya.  Plus, of course, they’re a bar so, y’know, they have beer and stuff.

And that, I think, is it.  Did I miss anything excellent?

[EDIT: Christ, I am a bellend.  I managed to survey the Electric Circus’s listings and miss that the Robin Guthrie Trio (that lad fae the Cocteau Twins) is playing on Thursday, along with Mark Gardener from Ride.  Apologies, I am a muppet.]

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    Well there is the small matter of Robin Guthrie on Thursday night at The Electric Circus,you know…that pretty influential guy from some band called Cocteau Twins.
    Also Frank Carter (ex Gallows) new outfit Pure Love plays Electric Circus on Friday night.
    Friday night sees Patrick Wolf play the Pleasance too.
    I am guessing you haven’t mentioned Local Natives playing The Electric Circus on Saturday as its been sold out for months…

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    You know I never knew that’s who Robin Guthrie was – shame on me, fucksake.

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    Matthew, we don’t actually have a cocktail menu, the one you saw last time had been engineered specifically for the night that was on after you, it was Prohibition-era cocktails in-keeping with the 1920’s speakeasy theme of the night (although if you think your punters might enjoy a specific Bad Fun cocktail, it might be worth speaking to the bar manager!).

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    Bad Fun cocktails? Holy shit – either martinis or 90% bleach with a squeeze of lime and a dash of gin I would think!

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    … Plus there’s Memory Drawings (featuring members of Hood, The Declining WInter and Lanterns on the Lake), with support from Chris Tenz (Mini50 Records) and the ever-brilliant Tavihorros at the Banshee Labyrinth, Sunday 10th February.


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    This Sunday? Fuck sorry, for some reason I thought it was on Monday and was going to leave it until next week’s listings – apologies.

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    The rest I could forgive you overlooking but not Robin Guthrie! fairly sure it will be amazing

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    Well also, I loved the Cocteau Twins, for extra twat points!

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    Going to see Robin Guthrie and Mark Gardener at Mono in Glasgow, very excited.

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