New Avital Raz Single on the Way

I don’t know if you remember Avital Raz from the Toad house gig she played last year, and her subsequent appearance at Flamin’ Hott Toadz in Anstruther, but umm.. well, you should.

Anyhow, the reason I mention here is that she has a single coming up on Sotones Records, and it’s really rather good.  I remember these two songs from her gigs up here, and the recording of them is really nice – enough to flesh out the songs, but not to detract from what made them good live.

Like a lot of Avital’s stuff these songs are occasionally amusing and occasionally shockingly bitter, and the music itself can be as creepy as it can be pretty, and I think therein lies the charm of her stuff.  She has a couple of albums in the tank just waiting to be released, and if this is a taster, then I am looking forward to them.

Avital Raz on Soundcloud

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