peter I have to say, I am not that convinced by the band name – lucky the music’s good.

There are two songs on their Soundcloud page and for all that doesn’t tell you much about a band, I certainly think these two tunes show great promise.

First tune Sleep With Me Baby is a louche, easy tune which recalls Mac DeMarco a wee bit.  It’s electronic pop, but lazily slow, and delivered with something of an arched eyebrow.  It’s lo-fi too, but the vocal is rich and soothing (or slightly predatory, if you’re lyrically inclined) and that gives the song a slightly more polished sheen.

Byron is a little more of a bedroom recording, but the underlying nature of these songs has a certain plush pop character, so I get the impression they might work as big lush recordings as well, but for now I don’t think that’s necessary.

I find I have the sudden urge to smoke cigarettes, drink martinis and wear a burgundy crushed velvet tux for some reason.