Sparrow and the Workshop – Murderopolis

In May Song, by Toad Records will be releasing the third album by the fantastic Sparrow and the Workshop. The album is called Murderopolis, will available on vinyl and CD, and can be pre-ordered from here as of now (although we won’t be posting them out until April).

As those of you who have heard the new single Shock Shock will probably know, the sound is a lot more feral these days, and Jill positively snarls at you in a lot of these songs.  Darkness is almost unhinged, but tunes like Odessa and Autumn to Winter show they can still be as lovely as ever when they choose.

The album artwork comes from Fiona Buckle’s photographs of collages made by Jill, and I think the slightly creepy nature of the images really suits the darker nature of this record.

In early May we’ll be having a couple of shows to mark the release of the album, one at Mono in Glasgow on Wednesday 8th and one at The Caves in Edinburgh on Thursday 9th with Magic Arm.  Hope to see you there – I am really excited about this one!

Side A:
1. Valley of Death
2. Darkness
3. Odessa
4. Shock Shock
5. Water Won’t Fall

Side B:
1. Murderopolis
2. The Faster You Spin
3. Avalanche of Lust
4. Flower Bombs
5. The Glue That Binds Us
6. Autumn to Winter