Five For Friday – 1st March – wait, March? – 2013

Hubba hubba, welcome back to another sunny day in Edinburgh. Here I am once more with five excuses for doing fuck all this afternoon, and the encouragement to bring your own bits and bobs to the comments section to further prevent the doing of productive work.  Because really, who can be fucked with that stuff anyway, eh?

So yes, five random things from the internet, and the, while you lot get to have fun sharing your own links, I will be in the office catching up on the accounts.  Which is brilliant. Running a record label: 98% pure rock ‘n’ roll.

1. The Doug Anthony fucking All Stars!

I don’t really know what you’re going to make of this lot – that’s them in that charming little video up the top there. They can be a little bit, er, tasteless at times. And Mrs. Toad doesn’t like them, which is unusual, because tasteless, vulgar humour is usually right up her street.  But anyhow, I think they’re amazing. They were a musical comedy three-piece from Australia who developed something of a cult following back in the nineties, and whilst they made their name with songs like I Fuck Dogs and Necrophilia, they proved every once in a while that they could actually really rather amazing music totally straight, with tunes like this fantastic performance of Throw Your Arms Around Me. You may not like ’em, but if you do, I think I just killed your afternoon with YouTube.

2. Song of the Day: Tomorrowland by Waiters

I know this is a bit of an old one, but a pal and I were drunkenly playing vinyl the other day and I had to go and play this. It’s such a great tune, with that hypnotic thrum, and the slight, intentional-or-otherwise tempo change two thirds of the way through. Waiters are hardly the most career-minded band I don’t think, and everyone seems to have half a dozen other projects on, but their songs on our Split 12″ from last year are absolutely brilliant and this is just about my favourite tune from all of last year. And if I have managed to convince you, then you can buy it on 7″ here.

3. Who Do They Love on Twitter?

I should really have posted this around Valentine’s Day, but well, whatever, I’m sure you’ll live. It basically calculates who you lurrve on Twitter based on who you follow, favourite and interact with most. For me, it turns out it is Joe from A New Band a Day, which is the second time I’ve had to mention his poxy blog on Song, by Toad in one week. Mind you, it could be worse. If you look up Mrs. Toad it appears she loves that arse clown Rampant Chutney Consumerism.

4. Have the Tories Been Watching Too Much ‘In the Thick of It’?

Seriously, having “finished third in a two-horse race” Tory MP Maria Hutchings simply smiles in silence in the face of questions from the press.  It’s possibly even more ridiculous than the things they write into TV satire.  No wonder they had to cancel Spitting Image – it simply couldn’t compete with reality anymore.

5. Do NOT Shave a Bear

There’s a song called Don’t Bite a Dog on the new Leg album, but even more than not biting dogs, under no circumstances should ever even consider shaving their far larger and more fearsome ursine counterparts. It’s a not a piece of advice I would imagine most of you will need on a regular basis, but I thought it wise to impart it anyway because HOLY FUCK LOOK WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DO:


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