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Five For Friday – 22nd March 2013

Yawwwwwwn, streeetch… ahhh, the residual jetlag still hasn’t quite evaporated yet, but Mrs. Toad and I are basically back in the swing of things by now. I still got that 7pm MUST SLEEP crash last night just before football training, which was unfortunate, and woke up rather too early this morning, but this is just the tail end.

Anyhow, there will be a little more self-promotion than usual on this week’s Fives, simply because we have quite a few things on the immediate horizon and, frankly, shit is getting exciting!

So have a browse through this little lot, and if you’ve happened across anything interesting on the internet recently then pop down into the comments section and share it with the rest of the class.

1. Sparrow and the Workshop – Shock Shock video

The video at the top of the page is of course the new video for their latest single Shock Shock by Sparrow and the Workshop. As per usual, they make all these daft videos themselves, which is one of many reasons we love them here at Song, by Toad Records. The vinyl of their new album arrived yesterday as well, and it looks bloody lovely (pic below). You can pre-order the album here and get tickets for their Edinburgh and Glasgow launch nights here – £2 cheaper in advance than they will be on the door.

2013-03-22 09.54.29

2. Song of the Day: Spider Lilly by Lil Daggers

From this free compilation by Pure Honey, a free magazine from Miami, where the band are also from. Lil Daggers are developing a really nice, dirty sound and I am really looking forward to their new recordings if this is anything to go by.

3. Adam Stafford – Imaginary Walls Collapse artwork


As you probably know, we are releasing Adam Stafford’s second album Imaginary Walls Collapse in July, and we have just finished laying out the artwork. The album is now mastered, and we are just awaiting test pressings and the finalising of a launch show in Glasgow in late June.

And in case you want a taster, here is a song which was actually cut from the vinyl version of the album, but will be available as part of the download. If you’re wondering, that gorgeous female vocal is Siobhan Wilson, who I am pretty sure will also be playing at the launch night.

4. I wrote an article for the Scotsman about SXSW.

I know a lot of you know about this already, but yesterday I wrote a big ol’ article for The Scotsman about SXSW, what I was doing there, and what Scottish bands hope to achieve. It’s not too bad, I think, although it could have easily been twice as long.

5. Pizarnik, by Plastic Animals & Beer vs. Records.

As you know, we are releasing a new Split 12″ on Record Store Day this year, but what you may not know is that this Split 12″ is facing off against a limited run of 250 special 4-packs of craft beer from Barney’s in Edinburgh, complete with a download card for eight more songs from the same recording sessions, of which Pizarnik by Plastic Animals is the first single. What will sell out first, the beer or the records? WE’LL FIND OUT!

18 witty ripostes to Five For Friday – 22nd March 2013

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    Phew, this would have been up a LOT earlier had out network not been infuriatingly slow about uploading that Plastic Animals video.

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    I’m one of those people who occasionally catches themselves thinking how far technology has moved on since I was little – the fact I’m posting this by swiping a piece of glass is bonkers.

  3. avatar

    One of the few things from Tomorrow’s World that actually made it to the real world. I still remember an episode about a cure for tinnitus, shame that never happened; I don’t have it particularly badly, but I have friends who do.

  4. avatar

  5. avatar

    You don’t have to go far as back as 1979. Even back when I started work in 2000 and got my first mobile, something like the iPad or iPhone hardly seemed imminent.

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    Of course, this video just crossed my path this week. I’ve recently been using the cheapest mobile currently available, a tiny non-smart Nokia thing, and even that seems massively advanced. Back to my modern Nexus phone now and the difference between how basic the possibilities were 10 years ago and where we are now is crazy… GPS maps in particular.

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    Yep. I nearly blew a gasket with O2 today because they keep refusing to switch my phone back on, and if they don’t, how the fuck am I supposed to find anything?

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    I see that the new Sparrow and the Workshop album is called “Murder Polis”. Was it named after an episode of Taggart?

  9. avatar

    Good to see the Plastic Animals video up, sounds good! Add me to the video camera credit next time though, you bastard! 🙂 I think Fin was probably filming that day too…

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    Peej – actually a mishearing of that phrase is exactly where the name came from.

    Rob – oh crap on a fucking shitestick, for some reason I thought you only filmed on the first split, which in retrospect I don’t know if you filmed on at all. I may have totally ballsed this up, really sorry.

  11. avatar

    Nah, didn’t do any filming on the first split, but shot Magic Eye & Plastic Animals for the second one – pretty sure Fin filmed both of them too (he definitely did at least one of them). How about you give me a free copy of the second split and consider yourself forgiven 😉 I fucking love new vinyl.

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    Not a problem at all old chap.

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    My first thought while watching Sparrow and the Workshop’s video was ‘great! i love how the filmed this in an underground station and made it look like a swimming pool’ then i noticed it really was a swimming pool, it’s just that it looks like a parisian metro station, which is funny. I still like the video though.

    Loved Pizarnik too, very dreamy but without too much effects/gluey keyboards. it’s very well balanced.

    One of this week’s awesome things was Deekie playing in Paris, they did a great concert (very dreamy too).

    Second thing, i finished recording 20 space lullabies, i don’t know if they’re awesome, but it was a bit challenging and i felt free when i finished them (that is the awesome thing)

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    I’ve never heard of these Deekie guys, but this tune is awesome.

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    Odd, but nice:

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    Thanks Toad for introducing me to the awesome Glasgow band Sparrow and the Workshop.. showing all my friends over here in Australia, we dig! Bosss video clip too, so badass that they make them their selves!

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    They release all they’re music on bandcamp
    except their debut LP 🙂

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    Personally I liked Sparrow and the Workshop’s video, Imaginary walls collapse and five plastic animals though some of the you tube ones in the comments are also interesting.

    I agree with Pierre I didn’t realize it was in a swimming pool either.

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