Five For Friday – 29th March 2013

Scary-Terrifying-Easter-Bunny-2 Happy Chocolate Jesus Bunny Eggs Day everyone! I’ve always kind of liked Easter, actually. Mostly because I was a chocolate fiend as a kid, I suppose, and in fact to a large extent I still am one. My parents were always pretty sparing with chocolate (and fizzy drinks, and sugary breakfast cereals) so it was left, as it so often it, to my grandparents to fill with stuff which was bad for us, and which we absolutely fucking loved.

I suppose my parents always took the attitude that a/ living in Austria and then Singapore we didn’t see them that often so it didn’t really matter and b/ that having a row with their own parents about the raising of children just wasn’t worth it.

Anyhow, this is a little late, due to the inebriated antics of a certain Mrs. Toad meaning that I didn’t really get to sleep until 8am, but nevertheless the drill is the same. Enjoy the five interesting and/or silly things I have found on the internet and linked below, and then if you have something awesome to add yourself, do so in the comments section. That’s assuming most of you aren’t out getting smashed already, which I think is shaky.

1. Creepy Easter Bunny Pictures

Yes, a collection of forty of the best (and by that I mean the very worst) Easter Bunny pictures to be found around the internet. As if the whole Zombie Jesus narrative wasn’t creepy enough already.

2. Musicians With Really Odd Post-Fame Careers

I told you you should read Cracked all the time didn’t I? Well this is one more reason why.  Did you know that Terminator X, the DJ for Public Enemy, Became an Ostrich Farmer?  Or that Dan Spitz, the Guitarist from Anthrax, Is a Master Watchmaker? Or what Vanilla Ice is doing for a (rather lucrative) living these days? Or David Lee Roth?

3. Song of the Week: Chocolate Jesus by Tom Waits

Well it would have to be something like this, wouldn’t it – this is Tom Waits performing Chocolate Jesus live on Letterman, from… well, fucking years ago I would imagine. When did Mule Variations come out – 1998 or 1999 or something like that, wasn’t it?

4. Bill Hicks on Easter

I don’t post a lot of Bill Hicks stuff on this blog, but I bloody love the man. I think he, David Cross and Eddie Izzard are probably my three favourite stand-up comedians of all time, although I suppose Doug Stanhope deserves a place in there too.  I’m hardly knowledgeable about comedy though, so I suppose that might be a rather superficial list. Still, if you ever secretly wondered if religions might just be society trolling people with the ability to think straight, then this sketch pretty much confirms it. “I’ve read the Bible; I can’t can’t find the word bunny or chocolate anywhere in that fucking book.”

5. Bob Potts’ Kinetic Sculptures

Alright, there’s been lots of trivial nonsense so far (Although actually, this is the internet, what the fuck else do I think you’re here for, serious debate? Bollocks!) so time for some artistic shock and awe. I always wonder about things like this, though. Are they are? They are absolutely stunning examples of craftsmanship, and I suppose as they have no inherent utility then they must be art, but umm… well, paintings and landscapes and so on, you know. I don’t know why as humans we are fascinated my locomotion and movement in this way, either, but it seems to be a recurring theme.

I found these on the excellent blog This is Colossal, along with a few more animated gifs. And, in case you’re really lazy, here’s a link to a YouTube search for more videos too. Happy Friday everyone!

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