Numbers are Futile

numbers It’s been a while since I randomly happened across a really good Edinburgh band on the internet – probably Magic Eye or Plastic Animals would be the last ones – but I clicked on this from the Facebook feed of someone I don’t properly remember a couple of days ago. It’s been sitting in an open tab in my browser ever since and it’s really, really good.

Without remembering whose link I clicked on, I honestly can’t tell you much about this lot. Their Facebook page tells me little beyond the nationalities of the two people involved – Portuguese and Greek, as it happens – but precious little else.

All I have to go on is this three-song, pay what you like download from Bandcamp, and as flimsy amounts of information about a band go, it’s pretty impressive.

I have to confess I wasn’t grabbed immediately, however. That happens a lot with me – working on something else, music playing in some tab or other, somewhat distracted, you know the drill – but the obviously infectious hook in the second song Justice is Light (and Blood) grabbed me immediately. The hook itself, as well as a lot of the other elements of this music, are evocative of some of the deep house or dark house stuff I’ve been sent recently, but I wouldn’t quite categorise the overall feel of the music that way.

There are shades of polyrhythmic indie music, sample-heavy electronica and atmospheric soundscapes, and the combination generates a kind of music which could easily not be my thing, but in this case very much is – probably because, for all it embraces all these elements, it doesn’t lean too heavily on any one, which I like. It makes it all seem a little more mysterious and less predictable.

Closer Green Land ends the EP in a wonderfully moody, dreamy fug, and Supersonic Speed Freak opens it with a fantastically insistent ukulele and drum-fuelled romp, and they sandwich the best pure pop hook on the EP.  Three songs, all quite different, but with a real sense of unity and, for a free three-song debut EP by a mystery band, a really impressive piece of work.