Elim Bolt – Nude South

elimbolt The latest in a remarkable run of superb releases in the early months of 2013, Nude South by Elim Bolt is yet another of those releases I cover on this site which came to me absolutely out of the blue, from a band I know absolutely nothing about. I dunno, it’s just more fun than writing about bands whose new album is a bit like the last one, but not quite as inspired, and with slightly less adventurous arrangements, which is most of what I’d be writing if I covered more established bands.

When I first heard this I thought it was probably a bit country rock for me, honestly, but there was something about it which grabbed my attention anyway. I filed the email away and kept listening to the promo tune every once in a while, before going back to download the whole album and give it a proper listen.

There’s indubitably plenty of country rock in here, but the dominant flavour of the record is a sort of high-octane croon, as if Elvis had escaped from the limelight solely in order to front a ragged bunch of rockers in a dive bar on the wrong side of town.

Nude South is well sequenced, in that the few quieter songs it boasts are used wisely to break up the otherwise quite uniform textures – be it Myers Farm in the middle or Blue Jays at the end. There’s a really nice growl to the music, too, as well as a hectic pace. The impression is of a tight band, who play fast and loose, and who like the rougher edges of their amps’ range. It’s perhaps a more confrontational, aggressive cousin of Mac DeMarco’s urbane drawl, in some ways.

Topically, a lot of the subject matter can be a little general, which might either give it more widespread appeal, or rob it just a little of that personal touch, depending on your point of view.  But in general this is a hugely enjoyable rattle through seven sharp songs in just under twenty-five minutes, and something to which I would very much recommend you give a listen. Buy the CD from here, or the mp3s from Bandcamp.