Old Earth – Small Hours

711900387-1 Quite apart from the Record Store Day shenanigans, there is other, unrelated music being released round about now, which I think you might be rather interested in. You’ve read about Old Earth on this site before, when I wrote about A Low Place at the Old Place in Autumn last year, and now a new release is making an appearance, and I reckon it’s rather good.

On the back of that post last September, Euan from Mini50 Records, based here in Edinburgh, decided he liked the band enough to offer to release something with them, and hence Small Hours was born.

Where A Low Place… was droney and abstract a lot of the time, this EP is a lot more of a coherent pop record. Well, I say that. It’s still only three unnamed songs long, one of which is a ten-minute meander, but the lyrics and rhythms are much more consistent and a lot tighter than on previous stuff.

Normally I’d whinge about this, and perhaps that’s why it’s taken me a while to write about this album, but it actually works really well. You could look at some of the folk pop stuff being released a few years ago and draw some lines to this I think – and by that I mean the likes of Grizzly Bear and possibly even Fleet Foxes, not nu-folk, whatever the fuck that is.  In any case, that comparison lasts only as long as it takes for the more traditional structures of the first song to dissipate into something more undulating and hypnotic.

Small Hours somehow manages to never quite seem like aimless foostering or self-indulgent pissing about, despite this particular way of structuring your music being rather prone to that kind of thing. Even when the songs drift into ten minutes in length, there still seems something taut at their heart which keeps you listening closely.

Pre-order from here, and it should be with you in a couple of weeks. You’re welcome!