Sparrow and the Workshop in London Next Week


The release of Sparrow and the Workshop’s third album is still a good month or two away, but as anticipation builds to a near hysterical fever pitch* there are a few ways in which you can ease your anticipation, at least for the immediate future.

For Southern types, the band will be playing two London shows around the album release. The first is a late-notice show at the Shacklewell Arms on Wednesday 10th. It’s only a fiver in and there aren’t that many tickets available, so if you intend going I recommend you get them now.

There’s also going to be a show at the Lexington, on the 24th June I think, but given it ain’t listed on their site yet maybe there are some details still to be worked out there. Besides, that’s ages away, you really should go on Wednesday anyway.

I assume most people reading this site will have heard the Shock Shock single by now, but for those itching for just a little more music from Murderopolis, the video below was made from a Marc Riley 6Music session version of Odessa, which is the third song on the album. The rest of the session is embedded below the video, if you want to hear the whole thing.

In addition to the London shows, there are of course two launch nights planned up in Scotland: in Glasgow on the 8th May at Mono, and in Edinburgh on the 9th at The Caves. Tickets will be £8 on the door, but you can get them for £6 in advance from here.  Go on, it helps me plan, and makes the evening cheaper for yourself as well, what’s not to like! And in the meantime, you can pre-order Murderopolis on CD or vinyl from here. Enjoy!


*Well alright then, but what’s a better way of saying ‘people seem quite keen’ but with a bit more oomph?