Younghoon Beats – Tha Blew Demos

2156025342-1 I have some more excellent stuff from Cathedral City, California for you here. You may remember me really enjoying the Mazes Tape by Younghoon Beats last year, and in fact naming it amongst my top albums of 2012. Well this followed pretty swiftly on its heels, and although I have been rather tardy in writing about it, that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s excellent.

Again, the music has elements of the bands people I went to uni with in the early nineties seemed to be obsessed with, like Bjork and Portishead, as well as some of the new wave of chillout stuff from a decade later, and also a healthy dose of similar stuff from right about now, in the use of stuttering, rough-cut samples and loops, used to build a wonky collage of sound.

It makes the album all very dreamlike, with the more repetitive sample loops giving the impression of turning halfway through bloody Inception without the faintest idea what’s going on. Feeling I Have is a bit like that, but the give-and-take nature of this album is perhaps best embodied by the fact that the recurring cuts of that song are followed immediately by the far more forgiving, even comforting chant of Way Out.

There seems to be a lot less effort to make whole songs here than on the Mazes Tape, but I don’t think that matters. Instead you simply drift through a series of minimally conjured environments, one at a time. I get the impression that once a pleasing sound was created, it was simply left that way before promptly moving onto the next piece. Consequently, this is a little more ambient than its predecessor, but no less enjoyable for being painted with much broader brush strokes.

Oh, and it’s free.