Adam Stafford – First Single from Imaginary Walls Collapse


As those of you who are unfortunate enough to follow my incessant, vacuous rambling on social media will probably know by now, we have released the first single from the new Adam Stafford album, and it is called Please.

We struggled a bit with the singles for this record actually, because for all there are a couple of tunes which are obviously more easily digestible and immediate than the rest of the album and which I suppose most people would call the ‘obvious singles’, they aren’t actually all that representative of the kind of record you would be buying. For all Please sits nicely on the album itself, the overall record is odder than this one song might lead you to imagine, so what do you do?

Well, we could always have made the awesome title track or something like Invisible Migration the tunes we used, but then we’d be sending a seven and a half minute long, densely layered and distinctly weird tune out to radio and expecting them to play it. And that, with the exception of one or two shows, quite simply isn’t going to happen. So do we hobble our chances with radio and trust to our mailing list and social media contacts to make sure that is a worthwhile pay-off? Or do we just send out the most hummable tunes and hope no-one gets too much of a shock when they buy the album? I don’t know, and perhaps that’s a conversation for a different time.

In any case, this is a splendid, splendid tune, gently soulful, with a hard-panned mix which reflects Adam’s fascination with old Motown records. I think I mentioned before that we’ll be co-releasing this with our pals at Kingfisher Bluez in Vancouver, giving Adam every chance of achieving what we at Song, by Toad like to modestly refer to as Total World Domination. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this album, just for my own sake, and I think that’s how record labels should be run – so there!