Le Thug – Swam

Wow, double label-spam in one day. Outrageous! What has the internet come to.

Anyhow, next week we will be announcing the result of the great Beer vs. Records face-off, but we have a couple more tunes to put your way first. This is from Le Thug Lager and is available on the download card which comes with the 4-pack of beer, which you can still get in The Good Spirit Co. in Glasgow, any branch of Vino in Edinburgh and I think possibly Rough Trade East in London. The beer is bloody lovely, but this tune is absolutely something else. I remember after we recorded these guys all of us just sitting down saying ‘fuck me, was that as good as I think it was’ to one another, generally followed by ‘yes, yes I think it bloody was’!

You can, of course, get the Split 12″ here. And it too is fucking ace!