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Live in Edinburgh This Week – 20th May 2013

rhone Hmm, given I have to spend some time writing up the half a dozen bands I saw at the Great Escape who I want to tell you about I suppose it’s good that there doesn’t seem to be all that much going on in Edinburgh this week, from a live music perspective. At least, I can’t see all that much which would be up my street, which is what this post is about, so let me know if I’ve missed anything obvious, because I usually have.

Still, after the damage done to my liver by £300 bottles of wine (more of that later) in Brighton, I think a quiet week is a good idea, particularly as we are firmly in the midst of the Silly Season as far as the music industry is concerned: Wide Days, GoNorth, SXSW, Great Escape, the beginning of festival season… it all turns into a gigantic mess around now, and the liver and the sanity tend to bear the brunt of the damage.

Anyhow, the only gig I can see this week which looks like it would be up either my or your street  is one which I rather annoyingly cannot attend, which is ever the fucking way, but you should go if you can: Kid Canaveral, The Last Battle & Randolph’s Leap are at The Caves on Thursday night. The gig is free, but on a first come, first served basis, so don’t be too late and still expect to get in. It will be a night of indiepop, tinged with folk, and should be full of irreverent fun.

Other than that… well as I said, let me know if I’ve missed something obvious because it would hardly be the first time.


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    It’s not often I get to chip in on this subject, but I have some Edinburgh gig news. Pat Mastelotto, former drummer with Mr. Mister and King Crimson, is playing at the Voodoo Rooms on Wednesday night as part of “David Lynch presents Chrysta Bell”. There you go.

    Full disclosure – Pat is also my father-in-law.

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    Oh fuck of course. I am hoping to meet Brooke there actually, although I may be running frustratingly late.

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    Oh and Chris Devotion and the Expectations playing a late(ish) gig at Henry’s on Friday, doors 10pm and they’re supposed to be on first or second (some time between 10.45pm and 11.45pm).

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    Ooh, they’re really good live.

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