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Live in Edinburgh This Week – 6th May 2013


Well the Sounds From the Other City headache has just about worn off, and I am back in my chair at Toad Hall staring at the internet and wondering what pearls of wisdom I can possibly add to its infinite pages of bounteous goodness this fine morning. Let’s face it, if the internet doesn’t already contain all the writing in the world, then it can’t be bloody far off, can it. But hooray, here’s more.

For obvious reasons my focus will be on the two Sparrow and the Workshop album launches this week – on Wednesday at Mono in Glasgow with Strike the Colours, and on Thursday at The Caves in Edinburgh with the brilliant Magic Arm. The tickets will be available for £6 from Brown Paper Tickets up until about twelve hours in advance of the event itself, and if you miss that then they’ll be £8 on the door. Not a massive difference, I grant you, but I thought we should at least try. Anyhow, Sparrow are pretty fearsome live these days, and if you doubt me this is what Clash Magazine had to say about their London show recently.

So, self-serving headline-hogging aside, what else is going on this week? Well it turns out there’s plenty, actually. The other Very Exciting One from my perspective is the eagleowl album launch on Friday, at the Pleasance Theatre. After two Sparrow and the Workshop gigs I think I will be entirely ready to kick back and relax and watch a show which it is entirely someone else’s job to be stressed about.  Eagleowl’s slowcore has developed a distinctly epic krautyness recently, and I would imagine there will be a bit of a whirlwind finale to this gig. Also, about fucking time too, guys, but congratulations. It’s a fine record.

The Electric Circus have a couple of good gigs this week as well, with Treetop Flyers‘ choral Americana on Wednesday, and Adrian Crowley’s hushed minimalism on Friday. Personally, for obvious reasons, I can attend neither of these gigs, but they both look good to me, and I would recommend them.

[Edit: I am a fucking idiot, I forgot that Hookers For Jesus and Edinburgh School For the Deaf are at Sneaky Pete’s on Saturday as well!]

And that, my fine pixelly friends, would appear to be about it for this week.  Tune in next week when you’ll hear Nurse Piggy say…

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    Public Service Broadcasting at The Caves tonight is also worth a shout, because I’m going and I’m very excited.

    It is sold out though.

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    rampant chutney consumerism

    can’t wait to be in Edinburgh and shouting at your Matthew

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    rampant chutney consumerism

    I heard a PSB song on the radio the other day and thought it was cracking, so i go and investigate the album and it’s pretty bloody limp in comparison…….strange

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    Are you almost agreeing with Dylan about music there Chutters? Holy shit!

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    rampant chutney consumerism

    if almost mean not at all, then yeah!

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    I would be happy if they just did Spitfire and Everest to be fair, but then I am a pop bitch.

    Night Train is also good though – not sure about the new one yet to be fair..

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    rampant chutney consumerism

    i think Night Train is the one i really liked.

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    Aaagh, stop it, someone say something mean about the other, quick, this is doing my head in!

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    So when will Murderopolis be released and where in Edinburgh it’ll be available for purchase? I’m in Scotland next weekend, would love to pick the album….

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    27th of May or something like that – and it’s available through our distributors, so it’ll be available in any shop which chooses to stock it.

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