A Couple of Nice Surprises From GoNorth

invernessjpg What, GoNorth? Still? Yes still, piss off, there are two last bands to introduce you to first, and then I’ll let it lie. Promise.

Anyhow, the nice thing about festivals like this, full of small bands, with no really massive headliners is that in the slots where you have nothing in particular you want to see you can just take a chance on something just for shits and giggles. More often than not this revolves around a random pal you bump into on the street dragging you to something or, in the case of our next band, me being hungry.

I went into one of the venues because I needed food and they were the only one with a menu, and happened across the pleasedontaskmetopronouncethis Welsh band Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog. They were gorgeous, all unhurried guitars and lovely harmonies. I’ve since looked them up on Soundcloud, and recorded it’s a bit less to my taste, to be honest, but live it just had that bit of extra growl and a bit less prettiness and I thought they were ace.

Also, towards the end of their set (maybe the very end, I was pretty pished by this point) they played what I believe is an old American folk song called Fall on My Knees and it was fucking gorgeous! The recorded version on their Soundcloud page is pretty lovely, but it’s banned from embedding so you’ll have to make do with the live version below, which is also pretty special.

One other band I took a chance on is a lass called Eilidh from Anstruther (where Fence Records comes from), who records as Lidh. She has been working with Strange Fish Records here in Edinburgh, so I’ve been aware of her for a while now, but never had the chance to see her play.  Playing largely solo with acoustic guitar or uke, and  with the occasional addition of a drummer, I thought she was really good actually.

Her songs were strong and delivered with real charm, but if I were to add a caveat it would be this one: she’s young yet and occasionally slips into a few of the far-too-well-established norms of the solo female singer-songwriter. Not that anyone should ever be different just to be different, but I think Lidh has the potential to become a lot stronger as she gets older, plays more, and becomes more comfortable with and aware of her own voice. A really promising start though, and I will be really looking forward to seeing her progress.

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