Beer vs. Records – The Results are (sort of) In!

BeervsRecords IPA

Records win the battle (YAY!) but Beer might end up winning the war (BOO)!

I have to confess, I thought beer would walk this one. Alright, you, me and our friends are mostly vinyl-fiends dedicated to new music, but it’s easy to forget that most normal people really aren’t and I thought it would be a humiliating defeat for vinyl.

The fact that it wasn’t feels like something of a triumph. After the dust settled from Record Store Day 2013 I only had about twenty odd copies of the album left. Barney had at least thirty or forty of the four packs, and people had apparently been constantly asking to buy the vinyl when they went into off licenses to buy the beer – VICTORY FOR RECORDS!

BUT WAIT! Bollocks! In the months since Record Store Day it’s become everso slowly apparent that sales of the vinyl slowed down quicker than the beer. Once out of the press, people seemed more likely to just take a chance on the beer, leaving me looking nervously at my 12 remaining records worrying if I might be pipped at the post.

So yes, on Record Store Day we narrowly managed to avoid ignominious defeat by our hoppy usurper, but it was a very, very close run thing. You can still get the few remaining 4-packs in Rough Trade East, Monorail music in Glasgow, The Good Spirit Company in Glasgow, and a few branches of Vino in Edinburgh, but that’s about it. And as for the record, order from your local record shop – that was kinda the point of the whole thing in the first place!

So yes, a huge thanks to Barney’s Beer for being such a good laugh to work with, and a big thank you to the bands too, for being good sports and letting us do something silly with their music. I have to confess, the whole project has gone far, far better than I anticipated. The record sold much faster than the last Split 12″, although we’re down to our last few copies of that as well, and just off to Aviemore tomorrow to record our next one with David Thomas Broughton, Sparrow and the Workshop, Jonnie Common and Siobhan Wilson.  It’s going to be awesome!

And here are some songs from the release, just for fun:

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