Five For Friday – 14th June 2013


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Hello everybody. We are getting ready for the Rob St. John house gig tonight, but I thought I would stop by the internet and had out some gems to get you through the rest of the afternoon. Not quite making the list of five awesome things this week is that fact that it is World Gin Day tomorrow because, well, I don’t think we need mention what is likely to happen there.

Also, before we kick off, Andrew Dubber wrote a nice piece about the Digital Music Grand Canyon recently, about bands who suffered from the panic and reduced investment brought on by the internet, but never got to really benefit from the advantages, because a lot of the new platforms just weren’t there yet. Myself, I would be interested to know of all the great undiscovered bands who never quite made it, but who will lose all record of their fleeting existence when MySpace is finally turned off once and for all.

1. Speaking Fees of the Marginally Rich and Famous

Want Stephen Baldwin to talk at your daughter’s fifth birthday party? Or Jeb Bush? It’s not as expensive as you would think. Click on the image at the top of the page to browse through the speaking fees of various B and C-listers. Or you can me for the price of a bottle of gin and some crisps, your choice.

2. Song of the Week – Pure and Apart by Tyrannosaurus Dead

I am sure Tyrannosaurus Dead don’t want me to be referring to them as ‘that lass from the Hundredth Anniversary’s other band’, but it is through the latter that I found the former, regardless of whether or not either is anyone’s ‘other’ band. They make awesome, fuzzy guitar pop with lovely male/female harmonies, and that is pretty much a perfect recipe as far as I am concerned. They have an EP coming out on the excellent Oddbox Records, which you can pre-order here.

3. Sparrow and the Workshop session with Glasgow Podcart

This really good interview and live session with Sparrow and the Workshop went up on the Podcart Soundcloud page recently, and it’s really good. They play nice acoustic versions of a couple of their songs, talk about side project and DO REALLY BAD IMPRESSIONS OF ME! Total bastards. Bloody fucking fuck.

4. The Art of Animation


You know I am an absolute sucker for drawing, don’t you? It’s my main reason for loving comics (or graphic novels if you’re desperately trying to get grown-ups to take them seriously). I just love the pages and pages and pages of amazing drawings, and The Art of Animation is just that: post after post after post of incredible illustration and comic art. Toadgasm.

5. Grass Outrage

This story is absolutely amazing, in every sense. The actual, genuinely-printed-in-the-newspaper headline is this:

“Couple return from holiday to find grass by their street cut to different lengths”

That someone is outraged at the trimming of their grass verges in the first place. That their outrage made it into a fucking newspaper! And then that the comments on that article found a way to blame it on asylum seekers and illegal immigrants! WHEN WILL THE MADNESS STOP! Time to bomb Nottingham back into the dark ag… oh, hold on, it’s clearly already in the dark ages. Ah well, at least they have Gringo Records.



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