artworks-000042075675-ndcmt2-t500x500 I assume that by now you’ve either learned the ‘get your band tips from other bands’ lesson or you’re utterly sick of hearing me repeat it. Nevertheless, here we go again. Since starting the booking for the Pale Imitation Festival I have already featured Rachel Lancaster and The Rosy Crucifixion on the blog, and the next in that list is now Tangles, as suggested to me by Plastic Animals.

Initially I thought, ‘ooh yes, moody, gloomy guitar music, maybe even with a touch of shoegaze’, but that turned out to be premature. Yes, at its tightest and most driven this qualifies as that kind of stuff, but for the most part we’re talking about music so ethereal and tentative it seems to drift around in a cloud of loose particles which diverge and coalesce like a flock of birds. Sometimes it seems like divergent, scattered elements bearing barely any relation to one another, and at others it all suddenly swirls back together into something elusive and lovely.

The mumbled female vocals on Paramusic are brilliant. Almost as if they’re being echoed from the bottom of a well, there were times when I thought I might have been listening to something playing in another tab which I’d accidentally left open on my computer. Moon River might be one of the best covers I’ve heard in ages. It’s barely recognisable, barely coherent, and at times barely music, but still I find it completely fascinating. When those moments of clarity do finally assert themselves, it’s a splendid feeling.

I’m still hot wholly sure what I make of this, I have to be honest. There are moments when it’s basically just fucking brilliant, but times when it seems to lose the thread so completely that I wonder if it gets entirely lost. I lose my foothold in the music at times, for sure, but that doesn’t seem to happen that often. There’s a lot to love here, but a lot I still have to adjust to, I think.