Wednesday’s GoNorth Showcase Tips

inverness Well I am up at GoNorth for the next couple of days – a sort of mini Great Escape, which is itself sort of a mini SXSW. A music conference, basically, but Scottish in size.

Now, I assume most of you will have absolutely no interest in the chatter of music panels and all that jazz, but there are plenty of showcases in the evening, mostly for small Scottish bands, so I thought I would pick out some of my favourites because even if you don’t happen to be in Inverness tonight, you can still enjoy the bands on the internet instead.

Book Group & Plastic Animals – Having shared a bill at Book Group’s EP launch in Edinburgh recently, these two bands have rather annoyingly ended up playing at exactly the same time here at GoNorth. Boo.

Anyhow, the chat in the comments of a recent post established that whilst you could call both of these bands ‘indie rock’ that makes them sound a bit too much like Kasabian, which is mercifully not the case. Book Group are, roughly speaking, ‘college rock’ I suppose, and their EP Homeward Sound, which you can hear and buy here, is excellent. They clearly like Grandaddy, and they are right to do so.

Plastic Animals, on the other hand, are a bit more shoegaze, but they also love Grandaddy. And they too are right to do so. They were on our last Split 12″, and we are hoping to do an album with them in the new year. You can hear some of their stuff here, but believe me, they really are very good.

Late night fun: Woodenbox and Saint Max and the Fanatics. Not that the slew of bands who are playing between the early slots and the late ones are bad, I just don’t know anything about most of them. These two are a little different, but they have one thing in common: they are both awesome fun live. ¬†Woodenbox are more in the stomping Americana vein, and Saint Max are idiosyncratic ska crooners, but both are perfect for the end of the night when you’ve had a few shandies.

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