Massive Thanks to Ian

midsize As you’ve probably noticed from the relative lack of swearing around here recently, Mrs. Toad and I have been on holiday for a couple of weeks. From a blog point of view, young Ian has helped out a bit, writing a couple of listings posts while we’ve been off, making sure our label stuff gets suitably pimped as and when necessary.

So from a blog perspective it looks like he’s kinda chipped in a wee bit, which is nice of him, but I promise you it has been way, way more than that.

The reason I was eventually forced to give up my day job and go full time with Song, by Toad is because I tried to do what Ian has been doing for the last couple of weeks while we’ve been away: holding down a proper job whilst simultaneously trying to run an active record label. It’s not easy, I promise you, but he has down a phenomenal job and I really am grateful for all the help.

While the world may have only seen a couple of blog posts, Ian has run three launch shows – two for Adam Stafford and one for NAKED – he has worked on the PR campaigns for both the Adam Stafford album and NAKED singles, sent off all the pre-orders, added download codes to all the NAKED singles, sorted out the last minute delivery of the Adam Stafford albums when the couriers went missing, arranged for the delivery of stock to our distributors, local record shops and Adam’s Canadian label, and ummm… probably several other things which I am forgetting.

It’s an incredible amount of work to get through, and a nightmare to have to balance this kind of thing with a real job (which he has also been trying to do, seeing as he’s an upwardly mobile young professional and all) and we owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

I just thought I should mention this, seeing as how if all you saw were the two blog posts it would be all too easy to underestimate the amount of work the lad has done for Song, by Toad over the last couple of weeks, but believe me it has been considerable, and we are very, very thankful.

This sentimental shit really is boring isn’t it. Back to the swearing…