NAKED Single Launch in London Tonight

The video above is for the latest Song, by Toad Records single: Lie Follows Lie by NAKED. ┬áThere is a free London launch show happening tonight at the Old Blue Last, 8pm-1am, and it’s free, so get yourselves down there if you happen to be in the vicinity.

Having just got back from holiday, I’ve only just had the chance to listen to the vinyl for the first time, and it sound brilliant – ‘huge’ is the term, I do believe. The actual design of the 7″ was done by the band, and it too looks amazing. It’s more than a little bit minimal, so it doesn’t necessarily photograph all that well, but in real life it looks great. The songs themselves are sort of dreampop-like, but with big, dramatic choruses and a splendid sense of melodrama. The band refer to it as Night Music, which reminds me a little of Meursault referring to their second album as Epic Lo-fi – it’s a fairly meaningless term in a way, but it still gives a pretty spot-on impression of that you’re going to hear.

So please pop down to the Old Blue Last tonight if you happen to be in London, and otherwise follow this link here to buy a copy of the 7″.

2013-07-18 14.14.39

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