Song, by Toad


Song, by Toad at Independent Label Market This Saturday


I am in the middle of driving back from France at the moment, so I don’t have time to say much (my parents are waiting on me so they can serve dinner), but we will be at the Independent Label Market at Spitalfields in London on Saturday and it would be nice to see you there.

We’ll have the new Adam Stafford album, the new NAKED single and the last few Beer vs. Records 4-packs, so swing by and I am sure to regale you with witty banter – or at least, the closest I can manage anyway. ┬áThere are some really nice reviews of the Adam Stafford album trickling through actually, so if you want a quick read before committing, try The Line of Best Fit, Drunken Werewolf and The Arts Desk.

And if you want to know why the blog has been quiet for two weeks, read my Tumblr site (in reverse order of course) and you’ll get the picture. ‘Mon the Betty!

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    Looks alright but this is the one to go for the day after….

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    That looks good. There are more cropping up in Scotland too. I think we need to be a bit careful not to crowd out independent shops though – it’s a tricky balance between having a more direct and personal relationship with fans and accidentally undermining retail too much.

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    I am with you on that…only selling vinyl through them too, which is interesting. There is a minor problem there for us all in Hull, though. Most shops are passing on stocking the records, even through a distributor.

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    Yeah, we struggle to get records in shops at all down South, which is why I don’t worry about doing these things in London. Doing them in Scotland is a different story though, because shops in Scotland do stock our stuff.

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    Fair dos….go and liberate all those posh southerners of their dirty lucre.

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