The Continuing Evolution of Lil Daggers

NoPNoP_CD Lil Daggers remain the one band on the label who we’ve never met in person. Admittedly, the only time I’ve really met Trips and Falls was back in May when I was absolutely hammered, so I am not entirely sure to what extent that really counts.

Anyhow, before they get their teeth into their second full album, Lil Daggers are currently working on a cassette release with Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records, people I have bought stuff from in the past actually, and really like as a record label. The tape will be called No Pizza No Peace, and is officially out in September, although you can already pre-order it from the label here.

The song below has been made available for streaming and sharing and so on, and continues Lil Daggers’ move away from the scruffy garage rock ‘n’ roll they played in their early days, into something more moody, and drawn out. Bass and drums set up an insistent, but not too frenetic rhythm, and then instead of chopping away at it, the guitar lines seems to buzz and meander over the top, with the song carried more by the motion of the rhythm section than by overt guitar melodies.

They also sound like a band who like their amps. A band who are as happy to set up the right buzz, and just cajole it along, treating the vagaries of the amp itself with as much importance as the notes played on the guitar. I like where this seems to be taking them, and I am really looking forward to hearing not just this EP, but the material for their new album as well.