Music Language Festival 2013

musiclanguage2013 I think you could probably say that the Music Language Festival in Glasgow is just the sort of thing I would love to put on, if only I had the balls. There are hardly any big name bands on the lineup, and a lot of it is so esoteric it’s well outside my frame of reference.

Why would I want to put on a festival where a lot of the bands are things I find too weird to be really all that listenable? Well it’s a question of spectrum. There are a lot of bands on the bill who make music I love – Magic Eye, eagleowl, The Yawns, Wounded Knee and Ela Orleans for example – and a lot I am pretty sure I would hate. But there’s a pretty broad spectrum inbetween, and I genuinely enjoy being able to expand my palate like that.

If you listen to a few bands you hate, tempered by a few you love, then when you hit something inbetween it’s the chance to stretch your taste in one direction or another. It has worked that way for me with experimental music, as well as lo-fi – I’ve heard a few things which were far too weird or rough for me, but there are plenty of things in my music collection heavily influenced by both lo-fi and experimentalism, and that music which took it too far still managed to drag the boundaries of what I found acceptable and open my ears to previously inaccessible music.

The festival takes place from the 6th-8th September, and there is a pay-what-you-want compilation available on Bandcamp if you’d like to try out some of the bands before you head down. I’d encourage you to go if you can, though. It’s incredibly cheap (tickets), and depending on where your music taste sits at the moment, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have the chance to get into something new and interesting.

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