New Trips and Falls Album Coming Soon

Album White Label Image

Released on glorious splatter vinyl (I promise I will post pictures as soon as they are delivered), with cover design by Chris from Brothers Grimm, this is our third album with Montreal’s Trips and Falls, and it’s just as odd and unsettling as the first two.

There’s a different feel to this one however, albeit one which is a little difficult to pin down. Where previous stuff could be saccharine to the point of turning sour, or just plain creepy and weird, The Inevitable Consequences of Your Stupid Behaviour is somehow heavier and more abrasive. The guitar style and rhythms are as idiosyncratic as ever, and the vocals have more growl than croon in them than they used to, so it’s clear that the band are changing, but even as their record label I really couldn’t tell you what they’re changing into.

And that’s why we work with them. Pre-orders available here.

The first single is available below, and yes, you’re right, it is indeed fucking awesome.