Samantha Crain Signs to Full Time Hobby

Samantha Crain Toad Session from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

I don’t generally do announcements on this blog – that tends to be kept for my Tumblr – but Samantha Crain is someone Mrs. Toad and I first met back in 2008 and someone with whom I conducted one of my first ever interviews. We got on really well with her, and when she was in the UK a year and a half ago we put her on at Henry’s Cellar Bar and recorded a Toad Session at our house.

And now, some three albums into her career, she finally has a UK record deal, and with none other than the incredible Full Time Hobby. Given they release the absolutely phenomenal Micah P. Hinson and Timber Timbre, Full Time Hobby are one of the very few labels for whom I genuinely have Roster Envy (it’s a legitimate medical condition, just ask anyone who’s ever run a record label) so it’s brilliant news that Sam has ended up there. They’ll be releasing her latest album Kid Face in early January along with a free five-song bonus EP, and have released For the Miner¬†as a free download to heighten everyone’s anticipation.

It’s nice, honestly – nice to see someone progress like this and get good news. People come and go so fast in the music industry that there’s genuine satisfaction to be had when someone sticks around, and crops up again in your life a few years later, so good luck to Sam and her new label for the release.


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