Independent Label Market, Glasgow – Video

This is cute – a wee A to Z of music filmed at the Independent Label Market in Glasgow a few weeks back, featuring (sort of) us, Magic Eye, Zed Penguin and er… Andy’s Mum’s cupcakes.  Wait a minute, I thought he was her cupcake?

Interesting fact about this year’s market: we sold quite a bit of stuff, but one thing we didn’t sell was CDs – in fact, only one of them, and there was no vinyl alternative for that particular album. I don’t know if one market’s worth of sales quite counts as a statistically significant sample, and I know vinyl nerds are more likely to be at this kind of thing than normal people, but nevertheless it sort of feels significant. Maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to do more vinyl though.

In fact, I am definitely looking for an excuse to do more vinyl!

So, for you southerners who couldn’t make it to the Barras, you should hopefully be able to catch us at the London market on the 30th November. It’s not totally confirmed yet, but looking good. And besides, it’s about time I had another wee trip down to London.

Oh, and on the subject of London, we’re looking at maybe organising a Song, by Toad Records Christmas Party in December sometime, so keep an eye out for that. It will be… what’s the word I’m looking for again… oh yes: FUCKING BRILLIANT!