The Leg – Chicken Slippers

This video is basically a mental tune, but with added cats and a sly beard appearance 3/4 of the way through. I am not sure what else the internet could ask for, really. Short of adding some porn, a handful of half-baked conspiracy theories and a couple of selfies we’ve pretty much ticked all the boxes I would say.

The single, as you should hopefully know by now, is from The Leg’s new album Oozing a Crepuscular Light which is out on 12″ vinyl on 11th November and can be pre-ordered here. The record is classic Leg in some ways, and contains a couple of their most hummable pop tunes, possibly one of the most broodingly menacing tunes they’ve released and one of their most out-there. And of course Chicken Slippers. And yet for all that it hangs together really well and for a record which I don’t think is much more than 25 minutes long it still comes across as a really well-formed album.

And for any of you fondly remembering last year’s extraordinarily good album launch in the bookbinder’s in the Old Town, the band are currently hatching plans for another launch for this album. Watch this space, as they say.

Oh, and you can download Chicken Slippers for free from the Soundcloud widget below, if you like. Ooh, and doesn’t the vinyl look nice too.

Vinyl Pic