The Leg: New Album and New Single!


Yes indeed, if I were on the Titanic as it sank, I would want The Leg to soundtrack my frosty demise. Not, perhaps, with their new single – that might seem like they were mocking me – but nevertheless, I think they’d be the chaps for the job.

Their new record, and their second with Song, by Toad Records, is out in November and is properly brilliant. “It’s basically showtunes” has been one reaction to hearing it played around our house, as well as “fuck me, I think that might be even more mental than the last one”. As per usual with The Leg, the truth probably lies somewhere between the two. Oozing a Crepuscular Light contains their most accessible ever pop tunes, I would say, but also some of their more batshit-insane material as well. In classic Leg style, it’s also not an epic, but that works really well. There are eight songs, some brooding menace, some deranged lunacy, some sprightly pop tunes and a jazzy instrumental piano number.

Oozing a Crepuscular Light will be released on 12″ vinyl on the 11th November, and you can get your pre-orders in here. And, as we do, there’s a free single to give away as well. Aren’t we nice.