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Toadcast #280 – The Unioncast

TAG This is called the Unioncast because I have had a really bad habit of working into the evenings recently, as well as all bloody weekend, and I am starting to thing I need a union representative to protect me from my own boss. Who, rather sadly, happens to be me. Stand up against myself for the downtrodden worker!

I had no idea what I was going to play this week, but it turned into a surprisingly good playlist, including personal highlights from SWF and the awesome new EP by Shilpa Ray.

Right, enough blabbering about this one, I am off up to the Pleasance to see Rob St. John, Adam Stafford and Ian Humberstone. It’s an amazing venue, so I am really looking forward to it. And there’s the mega double-blowout label showcase next week as well, so all sorts of musicfuns for you to take advantage of.

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01. Lambchop – Hey, Where’s Your Girl (00.22)
02. Basketball Shorts – The Reaper (06.56)
03. Vikesh Kapoor – The Ballad of Willy Robbins (13.45)
04. Lesley Riddle – John Henry (18.30)
05. Temple Songs – I Can’t Look After You (24.51)
06. Los Angeles Police Department – The Only One (27.57)
07. Shilpa Ray – Posted By Anonymous (35.07)
08. SWF – Turtle Brain (39.10)
09. Octopuses – Ghost in the House (43.51)
10. Boardwalk – Crying (49.17)
11. Doc Watson – John Henry (54.29)

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    Great podcast. Just one thing: Besides Nick Cave’s website, Shilpa Ray’s new EP is also in the itunes store. Just bought it.

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    Ah of course. I kind of forgot about digital – whoops!

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    Yas. Heard that Boardwalk tune on Marc Riley a few weeks ago, made a note on my phone, went back to steel-wooling my genitals, or whatever I was doing, and forgot all about it. So…cheers.

    Can’t believe they’re on stones throw. If you’re ordering anything from them, let me know and I’ll come in on the order. Really want the new SAMIYAM cassette but they have a terrible setup for delivering outside the US.

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    It’s a bit on the smooth pop end of things for you, isn’t it JWC?

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    If you do ever appoint a union rep, and the workforce goes out on strike, I look forward to the arguments around the fiery oil drum on Raeburn place as the work force shouts at the management/owners and heckle the inevitable strike breakers. You’re going to be so bloody busy trying to act out all those roles you might be better just keeping on working too hard.

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