Eugene Tombs

et Anyone remember Luna? No, just me? Formed by Dean Wareham after the demise of Galaxie 500, for some reason they are one of the least celebrated of the American guitar bands who were knocking around in the nineties and early 2000s, and I don’t really understand why. I think they’re ace.

The reason I mention this is because the very first thing I thought in hearing this stuff by new Glasgow band Eugene Tombs was the similarity to Luna. This is a lot to do with the vocal, because most of the music is more heavily psychedelic than Luna, but the similarity is undeniably there.

There are three nice, coherent pop songs on the band’s Soundcloud page at the moment, but for me the undoubted highlight is the tragically unshareable Paral.lel from the demo set they sent through a few months ago. It’s an eight-minute-long cosmic psychedelic epic with a rock-solid rhythm section anchoring the whole business so that the other guitars can spend their time wandering about all over the place. And like the best of this kind of music, they push it just to the point where you think they’ve lost all thread of the original melody, before bringing it right back down to the original pop riff which hooked you in the first place. Awesome.

The band have some pedigree actually, with former members of Sons and Daughters being mentioned at some point, as well as North American War, who I loved. I can’t find the site where I read who else was involved, but they aren’t a bunch of neophytes by any stretch.

They are planning a release in the new year, and maybe another, but it’s all a bit vague at the moment as they apparently recorded an awful lot of songs in their first studio session, but still haven’t really sat down and finished them all off to the point of being able to sift through them and put together an album.

Frankly, the half hour of stuff they sent through to me sounds about right as it is, but who knows what else they have up their sleeve. Either way, I want one!