Mark Wynn

a2252630682_10 There are about a dozen really shitty categories you could dump this music into on first listen. That kind of slightly pissed off, oh why do I bother delivery, the shambolic acoustic rambling, the hyper-cynical smart arsery of the lyrics, the daft album titles… there’s a lot to make you fear, well I’m not sure what.

But definitely the first time I heard Mark Wynn’s stuff (Bandcamp) I remember thinking ‘whoah fuck, what the balls is going on here?’ I kept listening, but I was waiting for something horrible to happen for ages, until it slowly dawned on me that no, I was safe, this was just good. A bit weird, perhaps, and deliberately sloppy and all over the place, but I dunno, for some reason it really works for me.

Bits of spoken word sound collage crackle through dictaphones, Wynn joins in with some sulky rambling or deceptively good singing (when he can be bothered), and the guitar is strummed with what seems like a fairly contemptuous flick of the wrist.

You can imagine a certain type of oatmeal hippy or annoying protest singer coming close to this kind of territory, but actually the attitude of the delivery reminds me rather more of those determinedly lo-fi guitar bands in which Manchester seems to specialise. There’s a sense that he knows there are good songs in here, but is kind of daring you to not bother trying to find them.

There are times when he plays the guitar with a little more gentleness, and when his singing voice softens a little, and then you see he is capable of making music as nice as he chooses, but clearly just prefers the aesthetic of seeming slightly out of control and as if even at the start of a song he is still considering whether or not he can be bothered playing it.

I have no idea how this is going to translate live, but he’s playing at Henry’s tomorrow with Post War Glamour Girls and Halfrican, and I am both highly curious and genuinely looking forward to finding out. See you tomorrow!

Oh, also, his new album is called: “Support Your Local Scene, Go Watch Your Mate’s Shit Band” The Album