Song, by Toad Records at the Independent Label Christmas Market Tomorrow in London


Yep, I am hopping into Bette tonight and tootling on down to London once more, to peddle my wares to the clamouring masses. ┬áThis year’s event looks like being absolutely huge, compared to previous ones I’ve attended – it looks like we’ll actually be taking over pretty much the whole market, as opposed to the 50% or so which has been the case previously.

Part of this is down to what looks like a rather dramatic increase in label participation, but also the inclusion of the London Brewers’ Market, whose presence is a clear response to the global success of our Beer vs. Records concept – the last few bottles of which I will have with me tomorrow.

Actually, I am trying to think of a good way to be able to combine manning the stall with drinking copious amounts of beer, but the obligation to drive my stuff away at the end of the night makes that something of a challenge. It’s not like there are that many cheap hotels near Spitalfields with parking, either. Don’t worry though, I’m a resourceful lad, and I’ll come up with something.

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