Trips and Falls – The Inevitable Consequences of Your Stupid Behavior

2013-09-13 13.33.07

Here we go folks, one more tune from the awesome new Trips and Falls record, and it’s a doozy.

We’ve put out their last couple of albums on CD only, but the band persuaded me this time that they really struggle to sell music on CD these days. I’ve heard the same from other people in North America, and also this is now our third record with them, so I thought fuck it, yes, let’s release this fucker on vinyl. And now that I have the vinyl I find myself rather wishing we’d done the same for the previous records too.

I suppose we still can, if anyone can lend me three grand to get them remastered and pressed, but umm… well, that’s not likely is it. Ahh, I do love vinyl though. Just look at the lovely pink splatters! The design is another fine Chris Bryant special, designed to be a bit more hard-edged than the previous ones, reflecting the extra snarl to the music which you hear on this album. Having said that, it’s actually one of the quieter tunes we’ve chosen to release next, mostly because the band have always been so good at these spooky, slower paced numbers so whether it’s a massive radio-friendly hit or not, it’s always been something which has been a huge part of why I love their stuff so much.

The band have also been recording some really stripped-back performance videos in their flat, which have turned out really nicely. I’ll be bashing on about them a bit more in future, but for now the link to their channel is here. And don’t forget to buy the album.  After all, that’s what we’re all here for isn’t it – the relentless march of commerce.