Mini50 Records + Now Wakes the Sea

fluo The release of Now Wakes the Sea’s gorgeous album Fluoxetine Morning gives me yet another chance to praise the work Mini50 Records have been doing here in Edinburgh this year. It’s interesting, I’ve known Euan who runs the label for quite a long time now, and we tend to drift in and out of agreement with one another as to what really constitutes the best music, but this year we’ve agreed on an awful lot of things.

This happens a lot. I had a relatively bad year with Fence in 2012, for example, but the Fence/Lost Map/nu-Fence releases this year have been fucking great. Chemikal Underground and I were right in tune when I started this blog, drifted out of synch for a couple of years, and then started agreeing about everything again sometime early last year. I am pretty sure everyone out there who loves our record label will have had periods where they haven’t been as convinced by our releases, as much as they’ve had periods where they were, it’s just the nature of the beast.

Anyhow, as well as releasing the truly awesome Old Earth and the debut album by Edinburgh band Hiva Oa, Mini50 have just announced the release of a limited number of cassettes of Fluoxetine Morning, which you may recall was one of my top five albums of the year last year, when it was a mere self-release by the band.

I worried a bit about that top five, given how incredibly dominated it was by self-releases and tiny labels, but having gone back and listened to all of those records I am still pretty much convinced I was right. The PAWS album is on Fatcat, and everything else was pretty tiny, but they are five truly awesome albums.

As such, I am pretty pleased to get my hands on a cassette version of Fluoxetine Morning, and a Now Wakes the Sea tune appears on the latest Mini50 sampler, which you can find on Bandcamp here, along with tunes by the truly excellent Mat Riviere, the aforementioned Old Earth and Hiva Oa, as well as Bastardgeist, another fine band with whom Mini50 seem to have found themselves involved recently. Good times, people, really good times. The internet can be a fucking arse, but sometimes the old bastard is really good to us, and this is one of those times.

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