Soft Drinks – Born to Do It

softLife Dunk International are hardly a household name, as record labels go, but in their short lifespan and limited catalogue they do have some really rather excellent releases. After last year’s awesome Water World album made it into my top five albums of the year, they’ve released another cracker.

It’s another digital-or-cassette release, and available for the trifling sum of £3, but well and truly worth it. As with a lot of the best music coming out of Manchester at the moment, there’s a really nice slacker element to it, and and an unhurried approach which sits somewhere between Waiters and Former Bullies. And if you don’t know anything about those two bands then you really, really should.

There’s also a lot of Blur in there, actually, between the vocal delivery and the guitar playing – and in a sense it sits between really early Blur and their cracking Blur and 13 albums which they released in the late nineties in alternating between a gently hypnotic thrum and something a little more heavy. So it won’t grab you and demand you bounce up and down, and the arrangements are really basic as well, but there’s something really satisfying about this, particularly tunes like the title track Born to Do It.

It’s the first release by the band, and of course I have no idea where they want to go from here, but it’s a really promising start indeed and I really look forward to hearing pretty much whatever they do next.

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