The Ghost Outfit Album is Here

GHOST_OUTFIT_Album_Art_by_Will_Sharp Ghost Outfit are one of those bands who I ended up taking my eye off, as they seemed to quiet for a while. Maybe they didn’t and I just wasn’t paying attention, but it seemed that way.

Anyhow, whilst I was daydreaming and listening to other things they have sneakily completed and released their debut album – the first ever full length on Manchester hipster darlings and all-round nice blokes, Sways Records.

To promote the release the band have recorded three songs in the Manchester museum, filmed by the awesome Manchester Scenewipe.

The videos look smart as hell, particularly with that bloody great t-rex looming over the band, but what surprised me was some of the music.

Having only seen Ghost Outfit on a couple of occasions, I remember them being a lot heavier than, say, Words, the first track from this session. I think of their music as being denser and meaner somehow, but this seems a lot more jangly and melodic.

Switch is perhaps more like what I would have anticipated, sliding into a dissonant exhaustion by two thirds of the way through the song. That’s good news for the album, of course, as a record needs more than just one mood to sustain it, so I found myself wandering off to the Sways web-shop to order the 12″ and I very much look forward to having a listen.

I like the videos, too. In this age of YouTubery and amateur footage doing a good, visually interesting live video is within most people’s grasp, and rather than come up with a tired or half-executed video concept, this works really well.

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