Album stream: Virgin of the Birds – Abandoned Love

Abandoned Love 1

Abandoned Love 2

Yep, it’s time for a new free album stream from our fifth anniversary box set (available here, if you fancy one).

This is actually a compilation made from a series of EPs Virgin of the Birds released on Bandcamp a few years ago. I always thought the songs were too good to just be consigned to internet purgatory forever, but never really managed to come up with a good suggestion for releasing them. This made perfect sense. Real fans of the blog and label will remember me going on about these EPs at the time, and friends of ours may even remember that Jon Rooney played our first ever New Year’s House Gig, back in 2009.

We’re actually going to be releasing Virgin of the Birds’ new album proper in March as well, so entirely by accident (strategic planning is NOT a strength around here) this happens to serve as a really nice introduction to the band over here as well.

There’s something just so compelling about this music, and I really struggle to put my finger on it. It’s basically just laid-back, literate pop music, but where that could be boring, I just find myself listening to these tunes again and again. It usually takes me a couple of listens to get into any new thing Jon releases, but only a couple. Then I’m hooked.