Broken Records – New Album Pledge Project

After a (fairly) long quiet period, our pals Broken Records are back in the saddle, with a crowd-funded EP and album project up on PledgeMusic. Honestly, this post was supposed to help them in their fundraising, but given they have raised 99% of their goal and still have almost 120 days to go, something tells me they might well manage without our help. But hey-ho, you do what you can, even if it’s laughably little, laughably late.

When I first spoke to the band and they were in the first throes of internet buzz dystopia they talked a lot about eschewing the traditional label approach in favour of something approaching venture capital, but for music. It made sense – why worry about stock, distribution and all the tedious micro-management if you are an investor, and if you are a band the freedom to conduct your release your own way has an obvious appeal, assuming you’re organised enough to do a decent job.

They went with 4AD eventually, a decision which made perfect sense at the time, but which struck me as less and less suitable as the label signed more hipster electro bands over the ensuing years. So this time around Broken Records are back to their original concept: a self-managed release with external funding.

In this case the funding will actually come from their fans, and the band have all sorts of extra options for you to sign up to, from the affordable but sadly sold out hand-knitted bobble hats, to the slightly less affordable signed acoustic guitar, so pop along to their Pledge page and chip in if you fancy doing so.

As an incentive, have a listen to one of their new songs, below. We recorded this for their new Toad Session, which will be published in full in the next month or so, but for now serves as a nice taster of their new material which, honestly, sounds fucking great.

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