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Deathcats – The Raddest

Well I guess I would describe Deathcats as a band who make pure pop music. Energetic, guitary pop music for sure, but of all the audiences at all of our gigs over the last few years the most pure fun seemed to be had by Deathcats and their fans.¬†For someone who listens to a lot of dirgey, miserable (and brilliant, don’t get me wrong) stuff, I love gigs like this. It doesn’t matter if people talk through it, because the band are so loud and boisterous no-one fucking notices anyway!

The band have just released their first proper EP on Fuzzkill Records, and it’s a fucking corker. It takes a couple of their most obvious pop songs – I Wish it Was Summer and Surfing in My Head – and delivers them in a couple of surprisingly clean and slick recordings. Having seen the band bounce around the stage and heard their earlier, somewhat rougher recordings, this serves as a fine reminder that beneath every deliberately ramshackle lo-fi growler there needs to be something solid to hum along to, or you’re basically just peddling style over substance.

Not that this is substantial music, per se – it’s not deep in any way, it’s just three fucking great pop tunes – but as pop songs go they are simple, tightly executed and irrepressibly infectious. It’s very surfy, as you can guess from the titles, but this level of borderline-pastiche is utterly irrelevant when you’re delivering quality material. Two straight-up musical Calippos are followed by Cowabunga Beach Party, another tune whose name signposts exactly what you are going to hear, but whose two-minute closing instrumental is a perfect sign-off to a short, sharp EP of pure musical fun.

That’s right, fun, I said it. Me liking music because it is awesome fun. What will my inner sulky indie snob think?


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    Happy New Year big guy.

    Do love these guys, sheer musical fun and joy!

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    Their gig at Henry’s last year was awesome. So much (absolutely blind drunk) dancing.

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    That’s right up my street…splendid pop tunes, I’ll just pop then on my ‘another Scottish band who won’t make it down to Manchester’ list. I’m going to have to move North.

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    They might, though, they’re pretty hard-working lads.

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    They are playing Manchester 1st of March Cogstar and Leeds on 28th February.

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    Now that, sir, is how to run a record label!

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    Thank you, I’ll definitely be at one of those gigs …surf pop…

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