Five Year Box Set Now on Sale


If anyone says the words ‘fucking finally’ then I’ll have to… er, sheepishly agree with them I suppose. Balls this has taken a long time to get sorted out, but the records are so very pretty. There are a few pics on this page below, and a slightly bigger gallery on Flickr if you’d like some good, old-fashioned vinyl porn.

Never fear though, because we’re ready for pre-orders now, with the finished product shipping out by the end of the month. I wouldn’t hang about though, as the special editions which come with Song, by Toad gin have already gone, and there are only fifty box sets being made in total, so I think (and hope) that they’ll go quite quickly. You can buy one here, if you so choose.

For the next few weeks we’ll be streaming the albums for free, one after the other, so you can have a good listen. There is a digital version of the whole set available to buy, actually, but that link will go away at the end of January, so make up your mind soon.

We start the streaming with the gorgeous Sex Acts by Animal Magic Tricks, and album recorded back in, erm, 2010 I think and one which evil computers very nearly deprived us of entirely, but fear not, all is well, and it sounds absolutely fucking gorgeous. A little strange, maybe, but fucking great nevertheless.

Sex Acts 1

Sex Acts 2

And a couple more pretty pictures…




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