Meursault – The Organ Grinder’s Monkey

Help us send Meursault to SXSW by picking the tunes on their next album.

You have just over two weeks to chip in, and in doing so you get to vote for five songs – Meursault tunes or covers. The highest voted songs will be recorded for The Organ Grinder’s Monkey, Meursault’s next album, which will be launched at the end of February before the band leave for Texas.

Once we collate all your votes we’ll record the top-voted songs at Toad Hall, similar to how we record the Split 12″s, and then hold a series of launch gigs in Edinburgh in the last couple of week’s before we head off to SXSW.  The artwork will all be hand-printed, and we’ll make a nice wee video diary while we’re out there, so you can see exactly where your money’s gone. Assuming you want to know of course!

I think that’s about it, actually. Keep an eye out for the special editions, like paying a bit extra to guarantee your choice of song (NO Newton fucking Faulkner) ends up on the album, and stuff like that.  Have fun, and thanks in advance for helping out (assuming you are, of course – if not you can fuck off, you mean-spirited old bastard).


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