Waylon Thornton – Garage Rock

a1748837071_2 If ever a release made its intentions entirely clear right from the very, very start, then it is this one. It’s called Garage Rock, for starters, and that’s exactly what it is. The first song is called Screaming at You, and that too pretty much sums up what you’re going to hear. And four of the songs are called Untitled, which I suppose hints at just how polished you can expect this EP to be.

It’s all part of what I love about Waylon Thornton, I suppose. Someone who basically just fires out self-releases whenever he seems to feel like it, Thornton’s Bandcamp page is jammed with EPs, mini-albums, or whatever else you want to call them – a whole bunch of fairly short collections of songs which seem to end up together simply because they were recorded on the same afternoon. There’s a lot of material to explore, and a lot of it is very, very good, despite the considerable rough edges.

I don’t always cover these releases, I have to confess, because as with most people who record this much, I don’t always love all of it. I’d call it a quality control issue I guess, apart from the fact that in music ‘quality’ is almost entirely defined by personal taste, and me not liking something doesn’t make it in any way objectively bad.

Nevertheless, in amongst all the clatter and reverb (and in this case screaming) there is an awful lot of really good music to be found here. This is EP may be one of the more unhinged, but there are dreamier efforts as well, like In the Black, released late last year, which I also really liked.

I suppose musicians like Thornton are the reason subscriptions are a good thing. Sign up and I receive a constant supply of music, some of which won’t be for me, but most of which I really, really like.