Album Stream: The Leg – What Happened to the Shrunken Tina Turner

Tina Turner 1

Tina Turner 2

Our fourth album stream from the Song, by Toad Records Five Years/Five Records box set is by The Leg, a band who probably garner the most extreme reactions out of anyone we release – both positively and negatively.  Whether they’re completely unlistenable or the best band on the label depends very much on who you ask. I’ve heard both opinions expressed with pretty much equal conviction. Personally, of course, I think they’re fucking brilliant, and this album is a masterpiece of menacing, aggressive noise pop.

Certain tunes on here just sound like they want to leap off the record and tear your face off. It’s not that they’re always just loud, but distorted, dissonant, and delivered with a pretty ferocious snarl. Once you adjust to the onslaught, it’s pretty fucking awesome stuff.

This album is actually a few years old, having initially been sort-of released just as the band’s previous label were running out of steam after something like ten years of fantastic work, and as a result Tina Turner kind of got lost in the shakedown which is why I am so happy to have it in this box set. Music this abrasively fantastic really shouldn’t be allowed to just drift off into the ether.

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