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Album Stream: The Leg – What Happened to the Shrunken Tina Turner

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Our fourth album stream from the Song, by Toad Records Five Years/Five Records box set is by The Leg, a band who probably garner the most extreme reactions out of anyone we release – both positively and negatively. ¬†Whether they’re completely unlistenable or the best band on the label depends very much on who you ask. I’ve heard both opinions expressed with pretty much equal conviction. Personally, of course, I think they’re fucking brilliant, and this album is a masterpiece of menacing, aggressive noise pop.

Certain tunes on here just sound like they want to leap off the record and tear your face off. It’s not that they’re always just loud, but distorted, dissonant, and delivered with a pretty ferocious snarl. Once you adjust to the onslaught, it’s pretty fucking awesome stuff.

This album is actually a few years old, having initially been sort-of released just as the band’s previous label were running out of steam after something like ten years of fantastic work, and as a result Tina Turner kind of got lost in the shakedown which is why I am so happy to have it in this box set. Music this abrasively fantastic really shouldn’t be allowed to just drift off into the ether.

Get a copy of our five year anniversary box set here – only about ten or so left at the moment.


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    I hold both positions on the band pretty much simultaneously. That they’re outrageously talented is blatantly obvious but I do have many WTF moments with them, especially on An Eagle To Saturn which had me scratching my head. I’m still not sure if it was intentionally rubbish in parts. Twitching Stick has the same backing track, more or less, as the South Park theme. But I always felt like the latter was a musical attempt to represent what a bunch of 10 year old would-be anarchists would concoct in a studio. But The Leg seem to be presenting it as actual grown up anarchy. Or are they? Similarly the F bomb dropped at the beginning of Bruno The Baker is delivered with such venom and apropos of absolutely fuck all that it made me think of those South Park kids let loose in a studio again. Then, when I’m starting to feel as self-consciously embarrassed to be listening to anything since Def Leppard’s Adrenalize, they drop the utterly magnificent Sad As Dead Monkeys into the album. The first bit of vocal is as haunting as anything I’ve ever heard.

    The next album is very much a musical follow up, but I loved it from start to finish – every track, go figure. 23 minutes of musical bliss. Still not sure though if the title itself is a joke though. It sounds very esoteric, but look it up and it’s just an over-elaborate rewrite of a rubbish teenage chick-lit title.

    Then there are the two masterpieces with Paul Vickers which really should put any doubt to bed. Even if I’m convinced that Vickers could collaborate with The Cheeky Girls and produce a five star classic.

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    I don’t think anyone has to love everything The Leg have ever done. I think it’s kind of part and parcel that any band which pushes people that hard will occasionally not quite click with even their most ardent fans, but that’s part of what makes them great.

    Something similar would be the fifteen minutes of feedback in the middle of side 2 of David Thomas Broughton’s last album:

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    Something else, not musical, I’d say about The Leg… I may not represent the majority of music lovers here, but even if I represent a small minority, it’s worth some of these bands knowing about this point of view.

    I’m a completist for musicians I like. After the Vickers albums and Saturn, I tried to get their first two albums (the second of which you are now streaming here). They were only available on Bandcamp at this time, where you buy a Download and, if available and you want it, a physical copy of said album. But it ALWAYS comes with a download. Except for The Leg’s first album where they tell you in the small print that despite what Bandcamp says, they will only give you a Download ‘sample’, and only give you that to get around Bandcamp rules. It’s LP only.

    That really annoyed me. I understand that releases can’t always be made across all formats for financial reasons, but to arrogantly insist you must listen on vinyl only, and circumvent the spirit of Bandcamp to do so, it just pissed me off. As I wouldn’t have a complete collection, I just thought ‘Fuck it’ and gave both albums a miss. Everyone loses.

    Anyway, I have that second album now and was thrilled to see you were making the 5th Anniversary box set available for non vinyl users.

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